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Day 2: Planethood



1-multiple faces detectedIt’s NaPoWriMo time again!

Other Girls

I made a manic pixie dream girl poem 🙂

12- Reasonable Expectations


This is actually a poster in a series of Reasonable Expectations Inspiration I’m making, but I kind of trailed off with Napowrimo because it’s finals time and all my assignments are also creative writing, so let’s call it a poem.

Day 11 – Hold On

hold on

Day 10 – sneeze


The apathy of illness brings you… my most deep and meaningful poem yet! As a poet I think it’s important to ask the big questions in life, like what is our purpose in the universe and why am I sneezing?

For context, I am in fact allergic to hot and cold. My personal first day of winter is not the first snowfall but the first time I get hives from walking home.

Day 9 – Overexposure


Just in case you haven’t seen enough photography and sadness themed puns today.

Day 8 – Presence