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Day 2: Planethood



1-multiple faces detectedIt’s NaPoWriMo time again!

Day 2 – Internal


the language of growth

This Time (Day 5)

5-This time

Abstract (Day 1)

NaPoWriMo Day 1 - Abstract

We’ll just pretend this is completely fictional and not based on what I’m doing right now at all.

Unflawless (Poem 23)

Unflawless (Poem 23)

It would seem that I am not going to finish 30 poems within the months of April BUT if you count all the half poems I’ve written on the days I didn’t post anything I would be well over 30. I’m going to claim non-linear time and finish in the dreaded month of May. (Wibbly-wobbly-timey-write-y?)

Our Architecture (Poem 22)

Vision (Poem 21)

Vision (Poem 21)

Translations (Poem 20)

This was written using online translators. What they lack in understanding of grammar they make up for in weird poem creation.