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Other Girls

I made a manic pixie dream girl poem 🙂


Heart Shaped Ice Cube

A new video of a very old poem.

Filmed by my very talented friend Andy Fidel. Check out her website:

This is a video of a poem I’m preparing for slam nationals. There’s a month left until I’m heading to Victoria for the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word. (AAAAAHHHHH) Please take a look at our Indiegogo Campaign All contributions above $5 come with awesome prizes!

Since I haven’t gotten around to making any real poetry videos yet, here’s an (artistically?) blurry recording of me performing my poem “Time Piece” at the Throw Slam. It has captions! Because words are fun.

Also: NaPoWriMo is coming up again. Soon. Since last year’s NaPoWriMo was the reason I made a blog, it seems like a good idea to repeat. What better way to celebrate exams and hilariously irresponsible over scheduling of extra curricular activities than by adding MORE things to do!