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The Throw! Slam team has made an album on bandcamp! Check it out to hear some awesome spoken word performances, including team members covering each other’s pieces. You can also get the album and other perks (including personalized poems!) on out indiegogo page.

THROW_album cover_c


This is a video of a poem I’m preparing for slam nationals. There’s a month left until I’m heading to Victoria for the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word. (AAAAAHHHHH) Please take a look at our Indiegogo Campaign All contributions above $5 come with awesome prizes!

I have a poetry team! Is that even a thing? Yes! Slam poets compete to see who can make people have the most feelings, then the winners make teams and compete against other teams.  Then we all hug each other. It’s awesome!

But my poetry team needs your help. Nationals is super far away this year. We would walk but there are some mountains and a little bit of ocean in the way.  If anyone can donate (even a tiny bit!) to our indiegogo campaign, it would help us get to Victoria, BC for the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word.

The exciting part for you is, we have crazy awesome rewards for people who donate. If you have even better suggestions for perks you’d like to see, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.


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Thank you!

Since I haven’t gotten around to making any real poetry videos yet, here’s an (artistically?) blurry recording of me performing my poem “Time Piece” at the Throw Slam. It has captions! Because words are fun.

Also: NaPoWriMo is coming up again. Soon. Since last year’s NaPoWriMo was the reason I made a blog, it seems like a good idea to repeat. What better way to celebrate exams and hilariously irresponsible over scheduling of extra curricular activities than by adding MORE things to do!

I have Chapbooks!

I have Chapbooks!

I have chapbooks now! They are full of the completed poems I slam (ie, not random bits of stuff I’m working on like I post here.) If you would like to see some of the pieces in the chapbooks, there are videos of my performances in the links section.

If you would like to get a chapbook, please contact me at
They are $5 + postage if you would like one sent to you, in which case I will draw all over the envelope and make it pretty : )


April is National Poetry Month! (In Canada. Where I am currently not. Oh well.) And National Poetry month is also NaPoWriMo! This means I’m trying to write a poem every day for the month of April.  I’m also attempting to figuring out how to blog. I have not done either of these things before so I’m looking forward to a month of computer confusion and panicky unedited writing. Yay!