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12- Reasonable Expectations


This is actually a poster in a series of Reasonable Expectations Inspiration I’m making, but I kind of trailed off with Napowrimo because it’s finals time and all my assignments are also creative writing, so let’s call it a poem.

Day 11 – Hold On

hold on

Day 10 – sneeze


The apathy of illness brings you… my most deep and meaningful poem yet! As a poet I think it’s important to ask the big questions in life, like what is our purpose in the universe and why am I sneezing?

For context, I am in fact allergic to hot and cold. My personal first day of winter is not the first snowfall but the first time I get hives from walking home.

Day 9 – Overexposure


Just in case you haven’t seen enough photography and sadness themed puns today.

Day 8 – Presence




Day 5 – Gravity


Did you want to be an astronaut

because you loved space

or because you hated gravity?

One of my favourite NaPoWriMo poems written by my friends so far. Go look at her blog. Go! Look!


Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 1.29.45 PM

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