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What a Mountain Sees (Day 29)


The Grey Wave of Spring in a City

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I ate the original illustration material. It was delicious.

Dayshift: Management/Assembly (Day 25)

Shifts Part 3

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Part 2 of “Shifts”



Part 1 of “Shifts”

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Fun creative writing student paradox: writing poems about not doing my homework IS my homework. All productivity will now cease.

I just finished editing 28 pages of poetry for my final manuscript at school and for some reason decided that transforming a two page poem into formal rhyme structure at 3am was a good idea. This was false. From now on, octava rima is for daytime use only.

I am not a man, so theoretically, I might be an island (Day 20)

This poem has lava butterflies in it. What’s a lava butterfly? Read it and you might find out! (You won’t.)