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Knots (Day 15)

Knots (Day 15)

14-i do not conver


Apology (Day 12)

Unintentional (Day 11)


Essay Formatting: Page 1 (Day 10)

I like to think that as a poet I’m allowed to call pretty much anything poetry, because if it isn’t poemy enough it’s just “experimental.” So here’s a “poem.”

9- a true fact

8-black thread



This post is late, for reasons which are possibly suggested in the poem. I have written the poems up to today (day 10) but briefly managed to convince myself that writing overdue finals papers was more important than taking pictures of mugs to use as backdrops for poems. Obviously, I have now rid myself of that ridiculous theory and corrected my priorities.

I Promise (Day 6)

I Promise (Day 6)


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