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This is a video of a poem I’m preparing for slam nationals. There’s a month left until I’m heading to Victoria for the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word. (AAAAAHHHHH) Please take a look at our Indiegogo Campaign All contributions above $5 come with awesome prizes!

I have a poetry team! Is that even a thing? Yes! Slam poets compete to see who can make people have the most feelings, then the winners make teams and compete against other teams.  Then we all hug each other. It’s awesome!

But my poetry team needs your help. Nationals is super far away this year. We would walk but there are some mountains and a little bit of ocean in the way.  If anyone can donate (even a tiny bit!) to our indiegogo campaign, it would help us get to Victoria, BC for the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word.

The exciting part for you is, we have crazy awesome rewards for people who donate. If you have even better suggestions for perks you’d like to see, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.


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Thank you!

Phoenix (Poem Pieces)



What a Mountain Sees (Day 29)

The Grey Wave of Spring in a City

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P1110987 copy

I ate the original illustration material. It was delicious.

Dayshift: Management/Assembly (Day 25)

Shifts Part 3

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