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Part 2 of “Shifts”



Part 1 of “Shifts”

byron copy

Fun creative writing student paradox: writing poems about not doing my homework IS my homework. All productivity will now cease.

I just finished editing 28 pages of poetry for my final manuscript at school and for some reason decided that transforming a two page poem into formal rhyme structure at 3am was a good idea. This was false. From now on, octava rima is for daytime use only.

I am not a man, so theoretically, I might be an island (Day 20)

This poem has lava butterflies in it. What’s a lava butterfly? Read it and you might find out! (You won’t.)

today's lesson

Apparently the fourth year university finals work I’m supposed to be doing instead of this is causing me to revert to kindergarten themed poetry. I’d say my brain is being pretty clear on how it feels about grown up things right now.

Birds Can Fly (Day 18)

the language of growth

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday I decided to do nothing all day then do some cartwheels in a park (but not very many) then eat a lot of oranges then write a poem with vague and undecided symbolism about something. I like blood oranges a lot. They don’t taste like blood. they taste like oranges, but better.


Knots (Day 15)

14-i do not conver


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